High Altitude Balloon Experience

In this Introductory Space Science course, students will embark on an investigation of the Universe and all of its parts.

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Classes to be held @
Teterboro Campus
504 Route 46 West
Teterboro, NJ 07608
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Session I
July 9th - July 19th
Session II
July 23rd - August 2nd
Class Will Run
Monday - Thursday *
from 9 AM - 1 PM
No Lunch
* No Class Friday
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Learn about the size and speed of objects in the solar system.

Study the science behind rockets and launch your own models.

Design and build a telescope to see moon craters and nearby planets.

Discover the fascinating history of the universe, how it works and what humans have done to observe it.

Explore modern space centers like the Kepler Mission, and try to figure out what makes planets "just right" for life to exist.

To all Astronauts, Astronomers
and Science Fans...
We have a Summer Course
Planned Just for YOU!
model rocket
Price $700.00
This innovative course includes working on the iQ4 collaborative platform plus interactive activities including: Making a Scale Model of the Solar System, The Speed of Light, Rocket Building and Launch, Telescope Design, and much more... Sign Up Today!