Intellectual Fuel for the Fierce Competitor

Our “Virtual Internship and Career Placement (VIP) internet program was built to solve the challenge of hiring great student talent and will transform how employers on-board the next generation of their workforce.

The current process of hiring part-time and full time students is ineffective- takes too much time, too expensive, limited to geographic and time constraints and has little impact on reducing the risk of hiring.

Students want to differentiate themselves beyond academics and employers are looking to hire students with workplace skills. The Virtual Internship Program will showcase the academic and personal capabilities of individual students through experiential learning using the iQ4 virtual platform. We connect students with real-world projects, anywhere in the world, 24X7 … it’s about preparing students for the workplace! and great career opportunities!

  • Search for students with the right skills and interests
  • Work with Universities beyond your geographic region
  • Engage with students using iQ4’s Virtual platform
  • Assess student workplace skills based on real-projects
  • Help students understand what skills they need to be prepared for great opportunities with your firm
  • Build “Future” employees based on actual experience

iQ4 believes that providing a simple yet powerful, browser-based dashboard to manage the combination of its Skills and Virtual Internship platform will help both large and small companies alike, address the growing challenges of workplace readiness through Pre-Employment, and confirm the academic passion students pursue.

Is this your future superstar?

Alim Williams is a recent graduate from New York University Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Business and Technology Management. He has a Finance Concentration and experience in Entrepreneurship, Corporate Finance, and Management of Data Communication.


Critical Thinking, Learning Strategies, Systems Analysis, Gap Analysis, Process Modeling, Functional Analysis, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Business Analyst, Financial Advisor, Written Communication, Reporting, Analytical skills, Strong Organizational skills, Interaction skills, Internet Marketing

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